the cold bothers me sometimes
Hey friends, I'm Romina! Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, BBC Sherlock, Supernatural, One Direction, British Youtubers, Benedict Cumberbatch, Disney Movies (FROZEN). Also, I'm a big fan of jackets.

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Dylan + Behind the scenes of photoshoots

"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

"Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" type thing.


Darkness. That’s first thing I remember. It was dark, it was cold, and I was scared. But then… then I saw the Moon. It was so big, and it was so bright. It seemed to, chase the darkness away. And when it did… I wasn’t scared anymore. Why I was there and what I was meant to do, that I’ve never known, and a part of me wonders if I ever will. - Jack Frost


Cultural icon.


never stop being you